Lady Mondegreen

Original material

A Thousand Ships Take Two
All in Green
Cotton Tail Girls
The Filkers Who Don't Sing Anything
Fly Little Bird
Galadriel's Lament
Not Enough Filk at the Con
Saturday Night
A Song For Arbonne
Three Fine Slayers of Rupert Giles
Why I Haven't Got a Boat


A Souling
Backyard Sailor
Ballad of the Shape of Things
The Bonny Earl of Moray
By Way of Sorrow
Don't Go Down to the Quarry
Easy People
Fair Was the Blossom
Fellowship Going South
Jack the Giant Killer
How Many Miles to Babylon?
If I Had a Boat
Let Me Be Your Song
Magical Mystery Medley
No Quarter
Put Out the Lights
Prince Charming Comes
Riding a Tiger
The Shape I Found You In
The Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown