Lady Mondegreen

A Souling

Hey ho, nobody home, no meat, no bread, no money have I got
Yet shall we be merry, Hey ho, nobody home

A soul, a soul, a soulcake, please good mistress a soulcake
Apple, a pear, a plum and a cherry, any good thing to make a soul merry
One for Peter, two for Paul, three for Him who made us all

God bless the master of this house and the mistress also
And all the little children that 'round your table grow
The cattle in your stable, the dog at your front door
And all that dwell within your gate I wish you ten times more

The streets are very dirty, my shoes are very thin
I have a little pocket to put a penny in
If you haven't got a penny an halfpenny will do
If you haven't got an halfpenny then God bless you

Go down into your cellar and see what you can find
If your barrels are not empty I hope you will be kind
Indeed I hope you will be kind with your apples and your beer
And I will come and sing no more 'til this time next year