Lady Mondegreen

Saturday Night

You know the little mermaid's dancing down at the pub tonight
Come and see her twirl and whirl there in the fading light
You know she's stepping out on her borrowed feet,
And she cries while she dances, but she still looks sweet
Because nothing can touch the joy that she feels
As she puts herself through the jigs and the reels,
So come on with me darling it'll be all right
If we can see the little mermaid dancing down at the pub tonight.

    Cinderella's got herself a date,
    Better hurry and get ready, doesn't wanna be late
    In her short blue dress, glass slippers and golden crown.
    Prince Charming parks the car and he honks the horn,
    He's been waiting for this day since the day that he was born,
    Tonight he's gonna take her out and paint the town.

He says the little mermaid's dancing...

    Well Rapunzel's never looked so fair,
    Wearing blue and silver glitter in her short gold hair,
    She doesn't need an ivory tower to call home.
    Don't you know Little Red is feeling fine
    She's got a scarlet velvet dress and her kisses taste like wine
    And in Rapunzel's arms she'll never be alone.

They know the...

    It's a sort of storybook fantasy,
    And if the wine's not cheap, well the beer is free,
    And what's a happy ever after, after all?
    So if you'd like to come and take my hand
    I think I know the way for us to get to Fairyland,
    And you know we'll answer when we hear that call --

Because the...

    (The chorus runs again, over this verse.)
    You know she's traded in her fins and scales
    For two dancing feet instead of one strong tail
    And she knows that what she paid was worth the cost.
    Only watch her weave, only watch her swirl,
    She can dance down the moon she can dance you the world,
    And the once upon a time was never lost --

Saturday Night is (c) Seanan McGuire