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August 11, 2004. New Quote of the Moment. Fixed some linkrot on the links page. Updated a few old filksongs (some just for layout), and added a new one. Added a new poem, some new recipes and a whole lot of new snipe. (I have got to start updating more often....)

January 15, 2004. New Quote of the Moment. Tightened the main page a little; might do more. Some new filk, some new recipes, the last of 2003's snipe and a brand new blank sheet for the new year, and a few surprises here and there. Happy New Year, everybody.

September 15, 2003. New Quote of the Moment. Fixed a whole lot of creeping link-rot and plan to fix some more. Also plan to streamline and tighten up the home page soon. A whole big bunch of new filk, some new poetry and one new short fic.

May 11, 2003. New Quote of the Moment, plus a new archive of old Quotes. A bunch of new recipes, some new snipe. Reorganized the filk page after all, adding a new sorted by subject index, and added some new filk. Not much else just now.

February 20, 2003. New Quote Of The Moment, as always. Expanded the photo album further. New Events section, and new pictures in the Family section. Reorganized the snipe sheet, dividing it into sections by year, and added a whole lot of new snipe. Fixed some spreading link-rot on the links page. Added a new filksong or three. And, finally, reorganized the kitchen and added some recipes.

July 8, 2002. Expanded the photo album; added a bunch of extended family pictures (mostly nieces and nephews). New snipe, including some older stuff that got missed in the previous update. A new recipe, a few new filksongs, and some more college papers on the Scribblings page. Some updates to the links page. And, as always, a new Quote Of The Moment.

April 12, 2002. Reorganizing the filk didn't happen, and I don't think it will after all. There's a couple of new filksongs, though, along with a new Quote Of The Moment, some new recipes, and some new snipe.
And, finally, the long-promised Best Of Batya's College Career has begun on the Scribblings page. Enjoy!

January 8, 2002. Happy New Year!
Sometime in the next month or so I plan to reorganize a few things around here -- such dramatic changes as sorting the filk by topic instead of straight alphabetical listing, and things like that. But not a lot of updates this time. New Quote Of The Moment. Added a few recipes to the kitchen. Lots of new snipe, which is the main reason for the update. (Happy now, Seanan?)

November 6, 2001. As promised, September 11th writings: added Journal Entries to the Scribblings page and "Haven" to the filk page. Other updates: Added "Athena and Hephaistos" to the Gallery. Updated the links page. New stuff on the snipesheet, of course. And a new Quote of the Moment.

October 7, 2001. Sooner than I might have expected. Later than I might have been.... It's been a traumatic month, as you undoubtedly know.
Well...anyway, I'd been planning this small revamp for a while, so here it is. At the top of every major page there is now a navigation bar. I hope it will be useful.
As always, some new snipe. Cleaned up the links page and added a few sites. Linked the "It's My Island" essay from the Scribblings page, 'cause it was getting lonely. Reorganized the Art section somewhat, and added a collage-piece called The Rising. Full credits on that one are forthcoming. Soon. Promise.
Also coming soon (I hope within the next two weeks) will be a set of writings done since September 11th.

July 29, 2001. ...And welcome to another bi-annual update. Sheesh. I gotta start updating more often.
Well, I've graduated from Queens College, and I'm looking for fulltime work. Updates: New Quote Of The Moment. A few new shots in the album, and I'm thinking of expanding that into more recent photos. Lots of new stuff on the snipe sheet, of course. A bunch of new recipes. Two more new filksongs (one of which I haven't had the chance to perform anywhere yet, so consider this a sneak preview) plus one that I wrote for the fifth annual Gathering of the Gargoyles. And, well, that's really it for right now. Hoping to update more fairly soon.

January 14, 2001. My god, it's full of stars! ... and I haven't updated since when?
Happy turn-of-the-millennium, everybody. Piles and piles of new stuff this time around.
A new Quote Of The Moment - I'm considering archiving these for future reference. Lots of new shots in the wedding album. A whole new clan in the old gallery -- I'm going to reorganize the art section Real Soon Now. A few new recipes. Two new filksongs. And months worth of new stuff on the snipe sheet.

August 29, 2000. Wow, it's been a while. Good news this time: I have a scanner! I have a scanner! I have a scanner! *does the Toon happy dance* Greatbighuge thanks to clan & friends, who ganged up to buy a scanner for my birthday. I love you guys.
Merged the fanart wing with the new gallery, added some pictures.
More routine stuff: New Quote Of The Moment. Added some links to the main page. A new filksong. Updates in the kitchen. And as always, new stuff on the snipe sheet.
Next up: more drawings, and maybe more photos....

Sunday, May 14, 2000. Continued good news. From my sister: I have a new nephew! (Well, about a month old by now, but it's been a while since I updated here....) Name of Elkanah Baruch.
Page updates: New Quote Of The Moment. A couple of new poems on the scribblings page. Further new stuff on the snipe sheet.

Sunday, April 02, 2000. Good news from all over this month.
From my brother in Israel: I have a new niece! Name of Orlee Shoshana.
And from right here in New York: I have a new job! I am now a proud member of the Partners In Torah outreach project.
Updated the main page. New Quote Of The Moment. Haven't gotten to the essay section yet. Added some new links to Who Do You Love? Added a recipe or two to the Kitchen. Revised one of my filks. And of course, new stuff on the snipe sheet.

Monday, February 21, 2000. Happy Washington's Birthday. (So much for "later this week"...) New Quote Of The Moment. Added Toon's Kitchen. New stuff on the snipe sheet, as always.

Monday, January 10, 2000. First update of the new year! New Quote Of The Moment. Revamped the Gargoyles filk page. More new stuff on the snipe sheet. Fixed the link to Jabberwocky In Toontown. More new stuff coming later this week.

Friday, December 31, 1999. Last update of the year. (Not, mind you, the last update of the century or the millennium; got another whole year til then.) New Quote Of The Moment. Revamped the filk page. New stuff on the snipe sheet. Not a lot else. Happy New Year to everybody, and I'll see you in Y2K!

Tuesday, December 28, 1999. Revamped the main page. Added What's In A Name? to the Scribblings. Added the wedding album, to be expanded soon. Added a few new links and fixed some broken ones. Added the ongoing Snipe Sheet. Updated my resume. Next: some revamping of the filk page.

Tuesday, December 07, 1999. New Quote Of The Moment. Added Highway, Heading North (my first finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic!) to The Toon's Scribblings.

Thursday, October 28, 1999. Added a few new images to the TGS Fanart Gallery. Not much else this time around.

Monday, October 04, 1999. Added Goldspinner to The Toon's Scribblings. More original stuff coming soonish. Links overhaul still in progress.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999. New Quote Of The Moment. Added TGS Fanart Gallery, with a bunch of new pics. Updated The Toon's Scribblings. Next up: links are getting a major overhaul.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999. Good lord, it's been HOW LONG since I've updated here? Sheesh!
Anyway. Minor overhaul of the site, now that I have a better idea what I'm doing. Stay tooned.

Thursday, March 11, 1999. It's a month since all my site files vanished, and only now have I had a free moment to start putting some of them back. Kept the Quote of the Moment -- it seemed appropriate. Please be patient -- everything else will be back up as soon as humanly possible.
For the record: Fortune City has been the soul of courtesy in apologizing and compensating for the disappearance of my files. Other website providers might have contented themselves with an offhand "sorry". The fine folks at Fortune City have apologized handsomely and made every effort to compensate for a computer error that was no real fault of their own. Well done, gentles.

Monday, January 25, 1999. New Quote Of The Moment. Changed the picture of my anime character; the new one is styled after Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy. Added some stuff to the links page, including a link to my fiance's site. Fixed the link for G'99/GWT. Happy 1999!

Thursday, December 17, 1998. Minor changes: Added a link or two. Added "Chanukah: Sestina" as a link from the main page in honor of the holiday. Joyous midwinter to one and all.

Thursday, December 10, 1998. New on the page: Quote Of The Moment, thelatest.html (this Updates page), persia.html (The Comedie of Esther Queen of Persia - in progress!), and a link to the Gargoyles World Tour website (also known as The Gathering 1999). Updated my links page, added a few links to the scribblings page.
New in my life: For those of you not yet in the know, I got engaged about a month ago to the most wonderful man in the world, Alex Wittenberg. (I'll be putting up a link to his webpage as soon as he gets one.) The wedding is scheduled for May 30th, 1999.
The latest, though, is that my younger sister got engaged last weekend. Cue the klezmer band!

This website will be updated according to a rigorous schedule of "whenever I feel like it". -The Management

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