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Miscellaneous Drawings

Tam Lin. Colorized sketch, based on the ballad.
"And they changed him all in her arms / Into the lion wild, / But she held it fast, she feared it not, / It's the father of her child. / And again they changed him in her arms, / Into a snake and adder, / But she held it fast, she feared it not, / It is her bairn's father."

The Scry (b&w sketch). I don't know who or where this is, I just like it.

The Scry (colorized). Not entirely happy with the colorization; I feel like some of the expression got lost. But I like the lighting effect.

More to come....

TGS Fanart
Look here to see the official series art.

The Rising. A digitally created collage of the Unseelie Court massing for battle, from my own and other people's pictures. Full credits to come.

While I was writing for TGS, I had a habit of sketching out the scenes or characters I was working on (usually in class). I finally managed to get a number of these sketches scanned....

Unseelie #1 Colorized sketch of a random Unseelie fae...
Unseelie #2 ...and another one. I'll probably colorize and polish this one eventually.

Elisa. Elisa struck with an elfshot arrow. (This one needs some work. And a title.)
From The Darkest Hour, Part 2.

Wisp. Early concept drawing of a wisp.

Redcap. Early concept drawing of a redcap.

Corbie McKenna. A colorized drawing of Emrys Hawkins's gothpunk girlfriend.
Introduced in the episode The Hawk and the Crow.

The Morrigan. Colorized drawing of the Unseelie Lady.

Wisp Handler. Colorized drawing of Rhea, a minor Unseelie sidhe who has an affinity for wisps.

On the Ferris Wheel. Partly colorized sketch of Emrys Hawkins and Corbie McKenna enjoying an afternoon together.
From the episode Ploys.

Elfshot. Early concept sketch.
"The touch of it burns mortal flesh as iron burns my kind. The merest scratch causes fever, delirium, sometimes wasting. A wound that breaks the skin.... For any elfshot wound deep enough to draw blood, there is no cure. None."
--Titania in The Darkest Hour, Part 2.

Queen Danu. My own concept of Danu, mother of Oberon and Madoc.

Queen Danu. Expanded version.

Queen Medb of Connacht. One of the past human identities of the Unseelie Queen Maeve, also known as Mavis O'Connor.
From the episode The Tain.

Wisps! Matt Bluestone and Sara Jasper attacked by wisps...
Closing In ...and cornered in an alley.
From The Darkest Hour, Part 1.

Code Blue!. Partly colorized sketch of Goliath carrying Elisa, struck with elfshot in the final battle with the Unseelie Court.
From The Darkest Hour, Part 2.

Athena. Drawing for a character who never made it into the series: Athena, warrior sidhe, daughter of Zeus (Oberon).

Athena. Improved version.

New! After the Binding. From a story not yet written: Athena comes to talk to Hephaistos, a week after the binding of Prometheus, and finds the forges cold.

More to come....

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