A Sky Too Blue
(tune: Brenda Sutton, "A Gown Too Blue")

Under a sky of too brilliant blue
I play the pitiful human, I do
Tailored in red I'll pose
No one knows what I know
Lost in ten centuries' time
With one final forgery
Of science and sorcery
This time the castle is fine
And all mine

I hid below on the shoreline
Slept with the rise of the sun
Brothers and sisters, where are you?
What have I -- what have they done?

I took his hand, though he wasn't my kind
And fought by his side with the boorish and blind
Traded his youth to me
He hid the truth from me
Doomed our alliance to die
Humans are treacherous
Their ways aren't meant for us
Be more prepared if you try
Or don't try

All that betrayal has taught me
Wisdom that suffering can buy
Trust is a trap never caught me
Death is a fate I deny
I won't die
I won't die

994 was the year when you slept
Never again trust a vow will be kept
All down the centuries
Healed of my injuries
My heart lay frozen in stone
Now I've awakened you
Haven't forsaken you
Why then am I still alone --
Still alone?

I told you, take care of our daughter
Hunters are waiting nearby
Within the sound of the slaughter
Within the sound of my cry
Of my cry
Of my cry

Fearful and foolish and faithless surround us
Come now and watch them all dying around us
Under the Hunter's Moon
Soon now, yes, very soon
A grand culmination of hate
Isolation and hate
There's none who understand
None left to stay my hand
Stop me before it's too late
...It's too late

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