What's New?

I am still redeveloping this site. Don't be alarmed if you find a broken link. If you want more up to the minute updates about my life and those of my friends, check my twitter or my blog.

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Where are the graphics?

It's finally happened. I fell into Tumblr. You can follow me there, or on Pinterest, or on my fashion blog on Pinterest where I look at the fashion choices I made at the age of ten.


What about your band?

Lady Mondegreen is still a going concern. The group is still growing, though how many of them are available to play with us fluctuates.

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What about your own music?

I've been writing songs most of my life, but I only really started to recognize it in 1999 or so. The accumulated musical catalog, with words and chords will eventually be available here.

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Isn't there another band? The Funny Things?

There is actually another band, and we do call ourselves The Funny Things. Unsurprisingly, it's a Dr. Seuss reference. We don't have a website yet.

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Aren't you also a music archivist?

I have been doing some quite a lot of music archiving for Love Song Productions, mostly for the Dancing Bear label. I also troubleshoot and occasionally recommend music or mixing stuff for the CDs that Harold Stein produces

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Don't you run a lot of events?

I frequently organize events, either on a small scale, i.e. a party, or a house concert, and sometimes on a larger scale, i.e. a convention or SCA event. I also help out at a community level, often by being the music coordinator for events.

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Aren't you on the board of Interfilk?

I am now Vice President of Interfilk, so I am both a regional representative for the Northeastern Region of the United States, and a member of the Executive Board.

You can find out more about the charity and who our upcoming guests will be here.

Where do you work?

I was at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for nearly three years, and prior to that I was employed at ThomasNet.com for nearly a decade. Recently I worked at LiqiudSky Gaming, and as a Consultant to F + W Media.

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I hear you edit manuscripts?

I do. I primarily serve as a continuity and quality editor, and do in-line copy edits, as needed. I also have been known to act as a dramaturge for plays and screenplays. I've edited a poetry collection, and worked as a screenwriting consultant.


What about all those craft projects?

I predominently crochet, but I sometimes dabble with fabric crafts, like garment making or embroidery. I'm hoping to photograph some of my work and put it up here.

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Who are your influences?

I have a lot of influences. Over time, I created some tribute pages for them on my old website. I may restore some of them here, if I have time

For now, here are some of my musical influences, from the Lady Mondegreen website. You can also check out this page on my Pinterest

With everything else you're doing, do you have time to read?

Actually I read a lot. I've made some pages about what I read and when I read it, but they're not up just now. I'll probably add them at some point.

In the meantime you can browse my somewhat incomplete library here.

What happened to the friends page?

These days, a lot of my friends blog instead of maintaining websites. I may put up a list of some of the ones who still maintain websites here.

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