The Man In The Shadows
(tune: Leslie Fish, "The Man In The Shadows")

Fox Mulder worked on the X-files
Fox Mulder got a partner assigned
All talkin' 'bout the aliens landin'
Everyone said he was out of his mind

Fox Mulder and his little green men
He believed with all of his soul
The man in the shadows saw what was comin'
And wanted it under control

If he knows, well he isn't tellin',
What the secret wars have done
One mysterious man in the shadows
Playin' both sides or maybe neither one

Hey Mulder, come look at this here
Hey Mulder, got a trick up my sleeve
Hey Mulder, I know what you want
And you'll listen 'cause you wanna believe

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
Find truths now ugly and brief
The man in the shadows gets all the answers
Fox Mulder gets nothing but grief

Send a message to all with the hunger
For truth that's not just dreams
We don't know what side he's on,
But the man in the shadows is not what he seems.

Fox Mulder, trust if you have to
Tell the devil what sympathy buys
The man in the shadows bleeds in a corner
And vanishes but never dies

X-Philes hate Mister Cancer
If you've wondered, now I'm telling you why
The man in the shadows plays us for suckers...
And he had us all believing the lie.

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