Scarborough Faire
(tune: Stan Rogers, "Guysborough Train")

Now there's no faire at Scarborough
Or so the man says
But I once knew a maid who lived there
So I wander the hillside
And I talk to the wind
And I wait for the Scarborough faire

Once I sat in her kitchen
And talked about herbs
And she sang of the simples so rare
The songs I've forgotten
And I have no more words
Now I wait for the Scarborough faire

No faire at Scarborough
For many a year
And the simples are withered and brown
But I wander the hill
And look for her still
Waiting by Scarborough town

She was tender as rosemary
And sweeter than sage
With the scent of them both in her hair
And her heart was as clean
As the herbs that grow green
Down at the Scarborough faire

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