Ordinary Town
(tune: Dave Carter, "Ordinary Town")

Buffy Summers was a sweet young thing and a ninth-grade shooting star
Done her slaying early, running fast and running far
In the early dawn when the stars were gone, did she hear her Watcher's call?
Did she wish sometimes she would wake and find she was only dreamin after all, 'cause

Honor, duty, truth and beauty, sing it to the sky
With every pain of sixteen summers, know the grownups lie
And every lesson seems to say you're useless after all
"Come in, come in," the mayor said when demons came to city hall, 'cause

And it's walk with witches or badass bitches or rich-kid classroom cliques
And stave off slaughter with holy water and a bag of sharpened sticks
So you walk by night and you stand and fight when you want to turn and run
But you face your foes and you come to know that you can be the stronger one, 'cause

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