Hello, Remember Us?
(tune: Leslie Fish, "Hello, Remember Us")

Hello, remember us?
The ones who came last year?
Who talked you into hosting
Our S.F. convention here?
You hotel staff and bellhops
Who didn't quit that day
Remember how you hid yourselves
And hoped we'd go away?
Hello, hello, hello.

Hello, remember us?
No doubt you heaved a sigh
When at long last we all checked out
And bid you folks goodbye
Now aren't you pleased to see us
So many back again?
Or had you hoped to find this year
That you'd be free of fen?
Hello, hello, hello.

Hello, remember us?
I guess it's been a while
So we wreak some havoc here and there,
At least it's done with style
Though we always look so harmless,
Just wait till we attack--
We're filling up the hallways now
And starting to unpack!
Hello, hello, hello...
We're back!

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