Fangorn's Marching Song
Tune: "The Song of the Temperance Union," trad.

We're coming, we're coming, we're marching to war,
To hew down the stone and to break down the door.
We're not being hasty, we're calm as you please--
But we're going to get that damn killer of trees!

He's ravaged our forests to feed his desires,
He's used our young saplings as fuel for his fires.
O can you imagine a cryinger shame
Than for healthy young tree-folk to perish in flame?


His Orcs and his Men have no vestige of good,
They're hacking down trees without need for the wood.
O can you imagine an eviller thought
Than to cut down a willow and leave it to rot?


He sits in his Tower and hatches his plots,
If we get there first then we'll tie him in knots.
O can you imagine a shamefuller deed
Than to pull up a rowan and call it a weed?

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