words: Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg
tune: Dave Carter, "Tillman County"

Mad mother Barrayar, child-devouring
Ravenous planet of a billion deaths
Tiny frail fetus, injured and cowering
Child of mine, they won't bury you yet

Aral Vorkosigan dreams of a better world
Favors his father and he loves his land
Holds the hand of his orphaned Emperor
He knows no one 'll ever understand

Dendarii hillmen hard as the stubborn rock
Woman comes weeping out of Silvy Vale
Formed wrong, cut 'em out, born with the cat's mouth
Lord over these folk can't afford to fail

Maybe our Miles be a planet's champion
God will never set a challenge too high
Straighten his crooked back, won't say 'can't be done'
Climb that mountain till he cracks the sky

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