The Baby Sister's Here
Tune: "The Babysitter's Here," Dar Williams
Words: Melissa "Merlin Missy" Wilson, Batya Wittenberg

This one was just great
She negotiated peace
Now she's drawn us a treaty and told the Cardassians,
"Don't get pushy"
I don't understand how she managed to win
With just a nacelle and a bent safety pin
But there's angst and romance...

She's sweet but she's tough
And a genius, and all of the rest
But she looks up to Scully, and all the Lone Gunmen
Think she's the best, and
When did the aliens come down to Earth?
Will she ever discover the truth of her birth
And survive to tell it...?

(Spoken:) "Someday I'll write a story ... just like that."

The Hellmouth is closed,
And she's gasped her penultimate breath
She says "Tell Dad I'm sorry"
And in Xander's arms she goes limp in death, and
He holds her close in the thundering rain
And Willow and Buffy are weeping in pain
'Cause she's gone forever...

An alternate verse/chorus, by Merlin Missy:

We're here at Mount Doom,
And she's carried the Ring all this way
Now just a quick spell, she'll grab Frodo and Sam,
And she'll save the day, and
Legolas asks her to be his young bride,
And Aragorn wants her to rule by his side
As his long-lost sibling...

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